Feb 052016

Rojina Barcharya - co-founder of "Girls in Technology" and software developer - winner of Silicon Valley scholarship

Rojina Bajracharya – co-founder of “Girls in Technology” and software developer – winner of Silicon Valley scholarship

Who says computer programming is only for boys? Rojina Bajracharya, a young Bachelor student from Bhaktapur, just won a Toptal Scholarship for Female Developers! Who is Toptal? Well, it’s one of the fastest-growing companies to emerge from Silicon Valley in California in recent years, today connecting thousands of elite freelance programmers around the world with billion-dollar companies like J. P. Morgan and Pfitzer! The scholarship – launched last October – is designed to “empower and support the next generation of female computer scientists, software engineers and developers”. But how did Rojina, a young girl from a local community – seemingly so far away from the buzz of international software development – get selected?

Well, it was not a difficult choice, explains Toptal’s Director of Engineering, Anna-Chiara Bellini, who is also leading judge on the scholarship selection committee: “Rojina’s application [for the scholarship] just blew us away. She is both brilliant and ambitious, and is not only working hard to develop her own skills, but is also doing amazing things to build and support a community of female technologists around her in Nepal.” Indeed, Rojina only started up professional software coding last year. Now she’s already a Node.js software developer at Zyoba Lab Pvt. Ltd. and creating her own Python-based eCommerce application, Hamropasal, plus she’s making training videos and organising courses every week as co-founder of the rapidly growing women programmers’ network, Girls in Technology, passionate about helping and inspiring other girls to get started too!

Read Rojina’s fascinating story right here and learn how she’ll use the scholarship and how she and her friends are helping more young women getting prepared for jobs in Nepal’s growing tech sector.

Check out the full story: “Nepalese Developer Rojina Bajracharya Wins First Toptal Scholarship.”

Congratulations, Rojina, and best of luck! Thank you to Toptal’s Scott Barman for sharing this story.

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