Jan 282013

DSC02819The government self-employment programme was supposed to create 50.000 jobs but barely made it to 2.000! The facebook page for the programme did not even get a single entry and just a handful of likes. So what’s next for creating youth employment in Nepal’s districts? The future of job creation and self-employment is a question hanging as a dark cloud over the youth in many parts of the country. We want to cover this issue as much as we can. Stay tuned this spring and summer as we hit a number of districts and get the take of young people on the job and self- employment outlook. Even better, are you one of the many youth struggling to find your spot on the job market? Drop us a post about it. Or have you finally succeeded, tell folks about how you did it! Maybe others share your problems or can learn from your experience. We, on our part, would be excited to publish your input on this site. 40 percent plus unempoyment in Nepal today – that’s gotta be among the top 5 challenges of the country. We’ll return with our first post on the topic soon!

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