Feb 102015

USAID – a major donor in agriculture in Nepal – operates a programme on a wholly different level than the limited organic sector. 25 percent of the vegetables on the urban market in Nepal are imported from abroad, mainly from India, and to achieve greater self-sufficiency, USAID advocates, it is crucial to improve the “value chain”. Under the NEAT programme, USAID is distributing “improved seeds” to thousands of farmers; setting up collection centres to help with transportation; and improving the marketing and retail link. The video opposite sums it all up.

“Farmers [now] see a new future in commercial vegetable production, and now traders are purchasing quality vegetables from Nepali farmers.” Narrator on the success of the programme.

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  One Response to “Nepal imports 25% of its vegetables – NEAT solution”

  1. Please do not use these seeds. These will lead to Nepal’s total manipulation from the big countries even more.

    Do not let your relatives take these seeds. Let me know and I can help your village to do an organic project. Check out what I’ve been doing for Nepal here: Changunarayan.info

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