Sep 102015

View from the temple above Kuri Village

View from the ridge

Kalinchok is so far off the beaten track that it’s barely on the map. Go east from Kathmandu towards Last Resort, then take a right up to Charikot, and from there it’s a six hour hike up into alpine heights. Or if you have a four-wheel drive, take the gravel road for two hours. Once the terrain flattens into a green meadow, you’ll reach the only settlement for miles: Kuri Village. It’s a cluster of old stone houses and home to a wonderful family who’s lived there for decades.

Kuri Village offers basic, traditional accommodation, and the family cuisine is delicious the way only village food can be. It’s first of all a great place to relax, breath fresh mountain air and read a couple of books. On most days, you’ll have this hide-away all to yourself! But the hikes are also amazing. The valleys on either side of the meadow are a mile deep, on the ridge above lies the famous Kalinchok temple, and from there is a 200 degrees view of the Himalayan mountains. Here are photos with more information and directions to the hide-away.

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