Feb 032015

Deep prayer: spiritual moments from the last Chaath festival.

The prayers at the Chaath festival are full of concentration and spiritual presence. Visit rivers in the Terai in October/November – or more precisely, from the 6th day of the month of Kartik – and you’ll immediately see and feel the ambience. After a short period of fasting and traditional rituals, Hindus travel to their river of worship, just like their forefathers have done for millenia, devoting themselves to full days of prayer. Indeed, no-one knows for sure how long back the Chaath festival goes, but many date it to pre-Vedic ages. Originating in the Janakpur area, it is a tradition of worshipping the Sun – the giver of all life – thanking for health and prosperity and praying for fortune and happiness in the year to come. It’s prayers of deep meaning. Watch it in the video above.

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