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Building an integrated village post quake

What’s it like to live in an integrated village? Few Nepalese villagers have ever tried – but in Pahari Gaun, Kavre, locals decided to find out. They accepted the offer of a donor passing by…

Duration: 2:09 min. Local Nepal Today, 2015.

The woman who lost her house

Life is getting back to normal in Palanchok in many ways. But living under a tin roof is not easy – and many are missing their old home. Belimaya is just one of those mourning the loss of their old house…

Duration: 3:25 min. Local Nepal Today, 2015.

After the earthquake: Organising under a tin roof

In September, many villagers had moved on. They had cleared the rubbles and built temporary shelters. Watch a family getting organised under a tin roof – taking one day at a time…

Duration: 4:50 min. Local Nepal Today, 2015.

Clearing the rubble – Palanchok village, Kavre

Five weeks after the earthquake, villagers in Palanchok had started to clear the rubble from their destroyed houses. An NGO had promised to come back later and rebuild – but will they?

Duration: 7:37 min. Local Nepal Today, 2015.

Two weeks after the quake: Palanchok village, Kavre.

Palanchok is just one of thousands of villages destroyed in the 7.8 Richter earthquake on April 25. Two weeks later, villagers were still in shock, salvaging what they could from the rubbles…

Duration: 5:50 min. Local Nepal Today, 2015.


Aama Bambo: “Mother Shaman” of Nepal

She’s the first and only woman shaman to be selected for the Tamang Shaman council, going abroad to share her learnings. In her flat in Boudha, patients submit to her healing powers…

Duration: 8:50 min. Local Nepal Today, 2015.

Chaath Prayers

Enjoy these mystical moments of prayer as the river continues its eternal passage south. Every year in November, at the time of full moon, tens of thousands gather to devote themselves…

Duration: 3:37 min. Local Nepal Today, 2015.

Brother-Sister’s Ritual: Maithili culture

Every year in November – at full moon – sisters in Maithili villages group together around bonfires to burn clay dolls. Reason? To protect their brothers against evils of men and spirits! They have fun too…

Duration: 3:37 min. Local Nepal Today, 2014.

Shaman night – scary night

Janakpur villages set the stage for ancient shaman rituals every November. Powerful women, trained in the art of exercising demons, wage their magical canes in the night, leaving villagers in a state of awe and fear…

Duration: 2:59 min. Local Nepal Today, 2014.

Village life

Down by the River

Children along the river outside Narayanghat have a playground like few western kids ever knew. They don’t have mobile phones or children’s TV – but they have so much more. Here’s a tribute to the village playground…

Duration: 2:11 min. Local Nepal Today, 2014.

How to install an electricity pole – village style

Villagers often have to work together to build and repair roads or, like in this video, install electricity poles. Here’s footage showing exactly how villagers often join hands to get the work done…

Duration: 3:53 min. Local Nepal Today, 2015.

River crossing – as done for centuries

Scenes from the last boat across Koshi River in Eastern Nepal on a sunny day. Enjoy a river crossing that locals have made for centuries as they needed to get to villages and markets on the other side…

Duration: 2:52 min. Local Nepal Today, 2014.

Woman rider on the Wall of Death

She’s from a village in Chitwan – and she’s one of the only women to scale the Wall of Death. Touring the country, she returns to her home town demonstrating her skills driving vertical on her bike – fearless…

Duration: 6:13 min. Local Nepal Today, 2015.

Mule caravan on the way to Jomsom

It’s footage from 2006 and already history. Roads have long-since reached Jomsom and beyond, pushing most mule caravans out of business. Enjoy this quiet moment of grandeur before the roads came…

Duration: 0:34 min. Local Nepal Today, 2013.

Organic farming

The Pesticide Trap Chronicles

Thulimaya – a typical small-scale farmer – is using toxic pesticides without protection. She knows it’s risky – but then again, not really. Watch her spray and explain like so many other farmers. It’s no mask, no gloves…

Duration: 5:49 min. Local Nepal Today, 2014.

Farmers’ take on hybrid

Hybrid seeds can give higher yields than local seeds but comes at a price. These farmers explain how local seeds have disappeared and how they can no longer grow anything without pesticides and chemical fertilizer…

Duration: 6:40 min. Local Nepal Today, 2014.

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