Dec 132015

It takes dozens of hands plus a good amount of skill and experience to bring a typical electricity pole in a village to an upright position

How long time does it take to erect electricity poles in a village? Well, it depends in great part on whether the electricity department provides machinery and/or manpower. If they don’t, as is most often the case, it can take days, even weeks to connect a village. The electricity poles come in concrete or steel and are in either case extremely heavy – it typically takes dozens of hands plus a good amount of skill and experience to bring the poles up and standing. So, how is it done? Well, it varies – but watch this video (left) to see how villagers in Pahari village, Kavre, erected altogether three heavy electricity poles last September.

Sep 212015

Life under a tin roof is not easy. But by September, villagers in Palanchok - like in so many other villages - were starting to get organised. Watch the video to see how.

Villagers in Palanchok, Kavre, were hoping for the best. A Japanese-funded NGO pledging in May to rebuild 60 to 65 houses, however, did not return. It did clear some rubble with a dozer, following the villagers’ hard work of manually demolishing their house ruins. But after that no NGO showed up. By September, everybody was busy setting up temporary tin shelters instead. Watch how a family is getting back into some type of everyday rythm in the video opposite – it’s life under a tin roof, so common in thousands of villages at this time.

Watch the same family working hard and full of hope here, in May when the NGO had arrived. Continue reading »