Sep 022016

The Karorias - one of the last free-roaming hunting tribes of Nepal - come to central and eastern Terai every winter to hunt for birds, the way they have done it for centuries.

The Karorias are one of the last free-roaming hunting tribes of Nepal. It’s one of the least documented too – their history, traditions and way of life remain largely unknown. Were they to be settled and forced to give up their age-old livelihood as bird hunters in the wetlands and jungles along the India-Nepal border, few would ever have known about them in the first place! In fact, the Karorias may not exist a few years from now as a hunting tribe. Already banned from their old hunting grounds in India and forced to join modern-day developing society of “education” and “work”, their last refuge is in southern Nepal. Arun Chalise at LocalNepalToday had a chance to spend a day with them last November, and here’s a presentation of his unique footage. We hope to bring their full story to light in a near future – but until then, enjoy this rare glimpse of their tribal everyday life!

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